NEDA Reflection

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I know I didn’t exactly time this post right with National Eating Disorder Awareness Week being last week and all, but I still wanted to take a moment and talk about everything that it stands for because I think it’s incredibly important.

Eating disorder awareness is something that I’ve found tends to blend into the background when it comes to most of nutrition. Granted, registered dietitians are not the sole healthcare point of contact when it comes to eating disorder recovery, but I still feel like we should be just as integral in promoting its awareness.


When I was first interested in pursuing nutrition as a career, helping with eating disorder recovery was what I was considering going into. Though my path has changed dramatically, my passion for helping those who are suffering from poor body image and struggling to form a healthy relationship with food has not.

A professor last semester pointed out to the class that most of the people who have studied nutrition have a “weird” relationship with food. It’s a controversial statement and, to be fair, I was a little offended at the time. But now that I’ve reflected upon that and looked at my own relationship with food and body image, and how it’s changed significantly over the past seven years, my professor wasn’t completely wrong. After all, the first time I had really gotten into nutrition was when I had the beginnings of an eating disorder.

In lieu of this, I want everyone to take a brief time out and take a moment to be introspective. Look at the way you see yourself in the mirror. Do you find yourself thinking a tornado of negative thoughts about your body? How about your relationship with food? Do you treat food like it’s the enemy? I know many of you are in this field so you know the importance of proper nourishment, but that doesn’t quite stop us from being negative about ourselves does it?

For all those out there struggling with looking in the mirror, or those who can’t look at a cookie without thinking it’s evil, this is for you.

Read this and give yourself permission to love your body. The list of what it does for you is endless. Remind yourself that your body is the reason you can do so many things you want to do.

Read this and put that scale away. Or, better yet, smash it. You are more than a number. That number does not define you. It will never define who you are and what you can do for this world.


Read this and remind yourself that food nourishes your strong, capable body. It keeps you moving. It keeps you living and loving life every day. It’s not the enemy. Not even a little bit.

I know it takes time, but trust me when I say learning to love yourself for who you are, learning to enjoy food, and learning to never define yourself by the number on the scale is the best education of all. You can do this, and you will!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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