You Can Still Get Your Five-a-Day in this Winter

Hello all! So, we are definitely into the thick of winter. Living in Upstate NY, I can definitely attest to brutal winters – and it’s definitely a season I’m not a fan of. For all you winter fans out there, you enjoy the season that seems to last forever. I’ll stick with loving fall 😛

So, if you live in a part of the world that gets slammed with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures for over half the year, you may think it’s nearly impossible to get your fruits and veggies in. I’m here to tell you that it’s not!


When the winter time rolls around what can you do to still get in those five-a-days as prices of the fresh produce goes up and the quality goes down?

  1. Buy frozen – for me, this is the best option. The best thing about buying frozen fruits and vegetables is that they’re picked and frozen at the height of freshness so you’re not losing quality, and they’re not nearly as expensive. You can boil them, steam them, and fruits can be thawed out to be included in a parfait or used frozen in smoothies. The options are endless!
  2. Buy canned – canned foods tend to have a bad rap, but I promise they’re not the end of the world. Sometimes they’re the better option when push comes to shove because they’re cheap and easily stored. My advice is to make sure you rinse and/or drain them well before you eat them.
  3. Buy produce in season – think root veggies and citrus fruits. The pickings are slimmer in the winter time to be sure, but there are some out there that you can still find that are vitamin and mineral powerhouses.
  4. Preserve produce from other seasons – the spring, summer, and fall all have so many fruits and vegetables that are in season, and if you have the means to you should definitely take advantage of it! I’m not an expert on canning and pickling, but if you’re interested check out this site. And I really encourage you to check it out because you need to ensure you preserve fruits and vegetables in the right way to avoid getting sick!


Even when the snow starts flying it’s not impossible to get in your five-a-day. By using some of these tips you can make sure you’re still getting in your fruits and vegetables this winter!

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