Fall Favorites

So I’ve seen this done so many times on YouTube and I thought why can’t I show some of my favorite foods, workouts, and lifestyle bits a little love this season? After all, fall is my favorite!

On a side note, my dietetic internship application has officially been handed in and is now in the hands of the internship director and the nutrition faculty at my school. Eek! Keep your fingers crossed for me – I should find out in November whether or not I’ve made it into the program. If I do, my internship will be secured and I won’t actually have to worry about going through DICAS (um, score?). Couldn’t ask for a better deal.

Anyways, now we can move into the stuff you’ve been waiting for. My Fall Faves.

Cheese & crackers. Ok, so maybe it’s not the healthiest snack in the world and maybe I shouldn’t be kicking this off with it, but I don’t care. Honestly, my lunch every day during the week this month usually consisted of cheese with Triscuits, carrots (or peppers) with hummus, and some kind of easy-to-carry fruit. I just pay attention to the portion size for the crackers and the cheese, and stick to it.

Lara Bars. Talk about delicious. I tend to eat them in place of other desserts (like cookies, obviously) because they’re just so d*$# good I can’t handle it. My personal favorite is the brownie flavored one, but the chocolate chip cookie dough takes a close second.

Dessert blog post 5

Homemade Soba Noodle Bowls. Yes, Panera has an absolutely delicious bowl (that is high in sodium, so keep an eye on that). But, guess what? I made my own and it was freaking awesome. Some noodles, some broccoli slaw, some steamed Asian veggies, and some chicken with a little bit of sesame and ginger dressing (plus extra sesame seeds) and you’ve got a perfect creation inspired by Panera’s tasty bowls.


Butternut Squash everything. I’m talking about squash soup, squash ravioli, roasted squash, and all the ways you can have it. It’s just too good and delicious and I just can’t handle it’s goodness. Try it on top of a spinach or arugula salad with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and chicken and a little bit of balsamic dressing and you won’t regret it.


How about pumpking everything? Naturally. I’m an avid pumpkin lover, typically in the form of baked goods because pumpkin muffins, cookies, and pie are to die for. And let’s not forget pumpkin spice lattes because who would do that?


Earning that #workoutcomplete. If you’re an avid FitnessBlender junkie you know what I’m talking about. The variety of workouts this husband & wife team has on their YouTube channel is astounding and – best of all – it’s FREE. I’m a poor graduate student and don’t have the $$ for a gym membership so what’s my alternative? Workout videos. Honestly, I’ve only ever had a gym membership to the Y (and still do) since I work there so it’s free. But, most of my working out happens at home. Kelli and Daniel have so many killer workouts that I love to do and I end up being quite sore the next day. Check out their brutal 1000 calorie workouts if you’ve got 1hr30 to burn. You won’t regret it.

Starting up a Food Recovery Network chapter. Hunger is a huge issue. Bigger than I’d ever thought it was. With the other officers of Nutrition Club, we’ve begun a Food Recovery Network at my school which essentially means we take the leftover food from our dining hall that would otherwise be thrown out, and we bring it to local organizations in the area so they can help feed the hungry. It’s been really enlightening as I’ve organized our partner agency contacts and attended an event just a few weeks ago which really drove home how hunger can affect anyone and you might not even know it.

Crunchy, colorful leaves, the crisp zing of autumn air, and the way the light hits everything. Fall is truly a gorgeous season that I absolutely adore. Everything about it just makes me so happy that I wish it lasted forever.


And there ya have it folks! What were your favorites for fall? Are you enjoying the changing season? Let me know! 🙂

Have a great week!

Image Credit: all images are my own!


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