Back to School Lunches (When You’re Cramped on Time)

It’s that time of year again: the schoolbooks, the paper and pens, and those packed lunches for your days!

Hello everybody! Wow, September has rolled around and we’re all quickly settling back into the school year (or maybe not so quickly :P). At the very least we’re entering my favorite time of year – fall! So in lieu of us heading back to the daily grind, especially to school, I thought I’d share some portable, easy lunches to have on hand.

Blog2Not all of us have the ability to take a thirty minute lunch break and enjoy an expertly crafted lunch with proper silverware. For some, like myself, you could very well have back-to-back classes during lunch and might only have a ten minute break before you rush off to another commitment. So, you think you only have two options:

  1. Skip lunch and go hungry (boo, nobody likes that!)
  2. Grab the easiest convenient snack which is not so health-friendly

Wrong! You can (and should) sill eat sometime during that midday time frame, and (the best part) it doesn’t have to be a high calorie, nutrient-poor choice!

Here are five great portable meals that are quick to eat, easy to transport, can be eaten without silverware, and they’re nutrient dense so they will tide you over until your next snack or dinner time.

  1. Whole grain crackers and cheese with vegetables and fruits of your choice. This is something I do even when I’m not crunched for time since it just tastes so good and is healthy to boot!
  2. Wraps of any kind. Easily portable and you can quite literally put anything in them. Plus, if you go light on the dressing (or have none at all) you won’t have to worry about it leaking out all over the place.
  3. Roll-ups. Just another variation on the wrap, but this time you take a slice of deli meat plus a slice of cheese (or a cheese stick) and roll them up together. Now just throw in a side of baby carrots or grapes and you got yourself a protein-packed meal! (Just be sure to keep an eye out on the sodium content of those deli meats)
  4. Homemade muffins. I’m not talking about your standard blueberry muffin. I’m talking about muffins with extra things added in to ramp up the protein, the healthy fats, you name it. There’s tons of recipes out there. Bonus: totally easy to pack and take to school. Pair them with some easy to transport fruits and veg and you’re good!
  5. Sandwich strips. Something out of my own weird-o brain. Make a sandwich, cut it into strips (instead of in half or whatever you normally do) and voila! Easy, portable, and tasty. And just as an FYI, because PB&J is so portable I thought I’d mention that you can totally healthify it by adding sliced strawberries instead of jelly, homemade jam, chia seeds and almond slivers, using natural peanut butter – the possibilities are endless!

Blog1I hope this helps out some of you if you end up in a time crunch during your day. Don’t skip meals and don’t turn to the tempting two-second easy snack in the vending machine. You can make healthy eating portable, trust me!

Have a wonderful week.

Image Credit: Image 1 (; Image 2 (Pinterest)

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