24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years About Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Aprylle, happy birthday to me!

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂 My birthday was Friday, so I definitely enjoyed having some time off and relaxing a little bit before I go back to school on Friday (crazy right?!). How has summer flown by so quickly?! Oh, I know, because I’ve been so busy working, taking a class, etc. etc. Life story right? At least I’m really looking forward to getting back into the school year and enjoying my last year of the DPD work before I move into my internship (whoa, what?). And it’ll be my last year living on a campus. Ever. That’s so weird.

Anyways, this week I was inspired by this video by Karlie Kloss she filmed on her birthday and listed 23 things she learned in 23 years. Since this is a healthy living/nutrition blog I thought it would be apt to tailor it to nutrition and health specific things. What have I learned in all my 24 years about nutrition and health? Here we go!

  1. Drastically cutting out foods is not the way to go.
  2. And neither is cutting out entire food groups.
  3. Balance, moderation, and variety are essential in everyone’s life.
  4. At-home workouts > workouts at the gym. For me anyways.
  5. Find a workout you love doing so working out doesn’t feel like a chore.
  6. Take rest days. Seriously.
  7. Strength training is important for everyone.
  8. Roasting veggies is sublime.
  9. Sneaking veggies into meals is the best thing ever.
  10. Have fruits or vegetables at every meal. Trust me.
  11. Learn to read a nutrition facts panel. And actually read them when you do learn how.
  12. Sugar is a sneaky son of a bitch. It shows up everywhere.
  13. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is the most important nutrient. Ever.
  14. Plus, it also helps your skin look really nice.
  15. Get adequate sleep! Aim for 7 hours minimum. Getting good sleep helps so many things.
  16. Eating probiotics, like yogurt and kefir, with prebiotics like fruits and vegetables helps your gut health
  17. Take some time for you. Even if its only 5 minutes.
  18. De-clutter a room in your house. It feels so good and productive.
  19. Enjoy your accomplishments. You deserve it.
  20. If you’re thinking about becoming a dietitian, do your research. There’s a lot more that goes into it than you may think.
  21. If you want to go into this field, put in the hard work and get certified as a dietitian. The RD credential goes a long way.
  22. Be prepared to have people get a little judge-y about what you’re eating. It comes with the territory.
  23. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You are unique, and you are you.
  24. You never stop learning. No matter what. And you shouldn’t. Learning enhances your life.

And there we have it folks! I hope you take away some nuggets of info here. This was so fun to do, I encourage you to give it a whirl 😀 In other news, I can’t believe I’m 24 already. Within a year I’ll be in my mid-twenties (quarter-life crisis hello?!). It’s crazy how fast time flies.

Hope you all have a great week. The next time you hear from me I’ll be back at school!


Question of the week: what have YOU learned recently?

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