So how is ForksandNature doing?!

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to take some time and do a little six-month update for those of you who have been taking time to visit my corner of the web. I thought I might let all of you know how ForksandNature is fairing, what’s up next in the queue, and where I’d like to see us going in the future!

How is ForksandNature?

It’s doing really well! Over the past six months I’ve been able to learn about WordPress’ little nuances to shape my blog into something I’m really loving. I’ve changed the layout, added sections where you can see my Instagram and Twitter feeds, included buttons where you can get to my Instagram and Pinterest pages, etc. It’s been so fun making it transform!

IMG_2465I’m not here for a view count or anything right now, but I am here to spread what I learn and discover to others. So far the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive for what I have to share – so thank you! I’ve loved really connecting with the nutrition community through social media, especially on Instagram. I have to say that I’m enjoying this process of building something within the online community, through social media and blogging, that has been nothing but positive thus far. You guys are awesome! 🙂

What’s up next in the queue?

Plenty more posts (that have yet to be written!) on a variety of nutrition, fitness, and wellness-related topics that I find interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for posts discussing tips, tricks, and helpful hints to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Look for posts where I take all of this nutrition information and condense it into bite-size chunks that any health seeker can manage. I don’t fall into a special category where I’m vegan, or Paleo, or only organic, etc., and most importantly I’m a graduate student with limited means and limited time. You can definitely look out for posts that aim to make a healthy lifestyle achievable for anyone. Throughout these past six months I think I’ve finally created an overarching theme for this blog, though that doesn’t mean I don’t deviate from course and include a post on a class or controversial topic.

Where is ForksandNature heading in the future?

In the short-term, when I have some length of time to breathe, I want to sit and really fill out my Pinterest page. I’d love to make the forksofnature Pinterest page explode with tips and hacks and recipes and workout ideas for everyone to get their hands on!

IMG_2466In the mid-term, I’d like to get a Facebook page up and going. For the time-being I’m here to find out which means of social media work out best for connecting with the nutrition community and the promotion of my blog. What that means is ForksandNature will probably pop up in most places you can think of (it may be as @forks_of_nature, but that’s ok). Connecting with as many people as I can is a major goal of mine throughout the entire process, and this would hopefully serve as another means of doing so!

In the long-term, getting ForksandNature up on YouTube (under forksofnature actually – years ago I claimed the name when I originally signed up just to watch other YouTubers). I’ve already got the channel, I just need to start uploading content! That will happen in time, but it will have to happen when I can actually commit myself to a reliable filming and posting schedule.

All throughout, my goal is to continue posting on my blog consistently with relevant, up-to-date nutrition information, tips, tricks, hacks, recipes, etc. I don’t quite know when “mid-term” and “long-term” will be, but I do know as I settle back into school I will hopefully have a tiny bit more free time than I do right now (shocking!) to get my Pinterest page’s act together.

So, after all that rambling, what I’m really here to say is thank you for your wonderful support over the past six months! It makes me so happy that I can touch the lives of those even all the way out in Australia! I really hope you guys stick around for the exciting things in store and where I’m envisioning ForksandNature going. Remember, I’m here to help YOU! If there’s ever anything you want me to look into or post about, let me know either via Instagram, Twitter, or the comments here!

Here’s to the next six months and many months after! 🙂

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