Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Because when I think about summer I think about vacations and traveling, don’t you?!

Hello everybody! Well I wish I could say I was going on an exciting trip this summer, especially after watching vlogs and reading about other people’s trips all over. Alas, just because I’m not going on an exciting summer vacation doesn’t mean I can’t give you guys some tips to stay healthy while you’re out there seeing the world!

I know what you eat and if you exercise are probably not on your list to pay attention to while there are so many other things to do and see while you’re taking a rest from your everyday lives. Believe me. You want a break right?! You want to enjoy your trip – but don’t worry. I’ve got a couple of useful tips to keep in mind:

1.        Schedule activities that keep you moving. Depending on where you’re going, make a point to do something active most days of your vacation. This can be anything from a walk to hiking to biking to something even more physically demanding if the opportunity arises. Take advantage of new surroundings and explore what options they have to help keep you moving! Before you go take some time to poke around and find out what’s available where you’re headed.


2.        Accept that this is a time to enjoy food, time, and company. How many of us actually stick to our usual routine while we’re on vacation? I know I certainly don’t. It’s ok to slack a little on your hour-long HIIT workouts (unless you want to do them anyways); it’s ok to have a couple of treats or eat some maybe not-so-healthy foods while you’re away. Enjoy your surroundings and don’t forgo certain activities or meals because you’re still trying to stick to your workout plan and “diet”.


3.        With that being said, be prepared to hop back into it full force when you return. Rest is beneficial for both your mental health and your body’s recuperation. As long as you’ve been fairly active throughout your vacation, get ready to jump right back into it when you get back home. That first day might be a little rough, but your body will bounce back. Those first couple days are also a good time to aim for lots of fruits and vegetables and other sources of nutrient-dense foods to get everything back on track.


4.       Keep to reasonable portion sizes when eating out at restaurants. Eating out while on vacation is the usual trend. Lots of food to try when you’re exploring new places, or eating at local favorites if you’ve got a usual vacation spot. Enjoy the food, but definitely keep portion sizes in mind as you eat. Ask for doggy bags and take things back to wherever you’re staying if you can. If not, opt for lunch portions instead of dinner portions. Or, be prepared to eat only half of your plate.


5.        Commit to healthy snacking and eating some fruits and vegetables every day. Packing healthy, portable snacks wherever you go will not only save you from spending money on whatever you might see while out and about, but it will also save calories. Plus, this would be an opportunity to get in fruits and vegetables if you haven’t yet!


With these tips you can set yourself up for success, enjoy your vacation and not worry about any aftermath! Most importantly, don’t forget to take the time to be present and take in where you are, who you’re with, and relish in the moments of taking a break from the everyday.

Enjoy your summer too!


Question of the week: what’s your dream vacation?

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