A Nutrition Student’s Top 5 Tips for Healthy Living

Taking the knowledge I’ve gained over the past year, plus the knowledge I’ve had from my own interests, what are my top tips for staying healthy?

That’s a fantastic question, and one which, as a Wellness Coach at the Y, I get a lot of. Achieving good health for both the body and the mind is something that is as complex as it is simple. Its complex because there is truly no one bit of advice that is universal for achieving good health. Proper nutrition, exercise, and mental clarity are the general tenants, but they can each be tailored to an individual in addressing that individual’s needs. This is why you, as either a nutrition professional or reader interested in health and nutrition, have to make sure you assess the client or yourself before giving or taking specific advice. This is why doctors and dietitians as well as other medical professionals should work in concert when addressing the growing health problems in both the US and around the world. But this would venture into a different topic which I think I might discuss in another blog post if you’re interested.

Anyways, back to the topic.

So if achieving good health is very individualized, what advice do I give to Y members and others who ask me for tips? What simple nuggets of nutrition and fitness information do I give them? Well, today I’m going to give you five of my top tips that I use to keep myself healthy and hopefully you’ll find it a little bit informative!

  1. Aim for eating all the colors every day. Colorful fruits and veggies are vitamin and mineral-rich, but if you’re sticking to the same colors every day then you’re still missing out on key nutrients from others. I try as hard as I can to eat a fruit or vegetable from every color every single day. We’re talking red, orange, yellow, green, blue/purple, white. All of them are important for good health!

    An edible rainbow of nummy fruits and vegetables

    Don’t forget to strive for a rainbow every day!

  2. Always keep a glass of water next to you. If it’s in sight you’ll be more likely to drink it, and more likely to keep up on your eight, 8 oz. glasses of water a day.1359215162_glass-of-water1
  3. Balance healthy eating with indulging. As a future dietitian balance and moderation are key facets in my life because I know how important they can be. Balance and moderation allows you to enjoy your food and make this a lifestyle, not a diet. You can’t stay on a 1200 calorie, low-carb, low-fat, restrictive diet for forever. moderation
  4. Exercise – or more importantly, get moving. It doesn’t have to be hour long HIIT sessions or super-intense strength sessions. Just make sure you’re moving every day, even if it’s walking your dog or doing jumping jacks during the commercial breaks while you’re watching The Bachelorette that’s fine. Any little bit helps.HowCanExerciseHelpWithStress
  5. Take a minute just for you, every day. Or longer if you want to. Everybody needs time to themselves to reflect, to quiet their minds, and to just breathe. For your mental health, this is so important. mediate

No, I am not a registered dietitian (yet), and no I am not your doctor, and I add a disclaimer to this post because I am not a professional yet. My advice is very general, and before you start any sort of nutrition or exercise program you should certainly consult your doctor or other professionals! Like I mentioned, attaining a healthy lifestyle is complex because it’s so individualized, but, I do hope these tips are simple nuggets of information that you can take away and try to include in your life.

Here’s to a happy, healthy life!

Question: do you have any tried and true tips to live a healthy life?

Image Credit: Image 1 (www.marqkiyoum.com); Image 2 (mononicole.wordpress.com); Image 3 (livinglifewithoutausermanual.blogspot.com); Image 4 (www.socalpain.com); Image 5 (lifescapesolutions.com)

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