15 Feelings That Make Me Happy (In the Nutrition World)

Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a smashing start to the week! So this post is inspired by Hank Green’s and EssieButton’s YouTube videos where they share 15 of their favorite feelings. I thought instead of covering a particular nutrition topic this week, I’d share a few personal bits. Instead of doing this in video form, of course (though YouTube is an option in my future!), I’ll be doing it in written form.

But, there’s another little twist. These 15 of my favorite feelings will have something to do in some way with nutrition, fitness, or wellness. So it’s not a total departure from my run-of-the-mill nutrition topics anyways 🙂

Brace yourselves. We’re about to get real.

  1. Finishing one of FitnessBlender’s brutal, insane, 1000 calorie workouts. I don’t think I ever accomplish burning 1000 calories, but even so after pushing myself for 90 minutes or what have you, I’m toast. To know I’ve accomplished that just makes me feel powerful. Anyone else love hearing the “workout complete”? Thank goodness I accomplished one last week – I haven’t done any form of exercise since my wisdom teeth extraction (per the request of the surgeon), so to know I’ve got a 1000 calorie workout under my belt makes me feel a bit better.
  2. Having one of my healthy baking experiments turn out delicious. Even if it is a slow-going process, I still love reaching success when I can. Not to mention it makes indulging in a few cookies at a time less painful haha.IMG_2250
  3. The energizing feeling I get after I have a hot cup of water with lemon in the morning. In times of great need I’ll turn to tea, but I’m always surprised at how awake I feel after I have my morning lemon water.
  4. Waking up feeling refreshed. Waking up feeling you got just the right amount of sleep, no more, no less. It’s just so nice, and it’s a rare feeling that happens to me nowadays.
  5. Helping others work toward their nutrition and fitness goals. Aside from it now being my job, I feel so proud when I inspire friends and family to step up and work on bettering their health. This is the kind of feeling I always want to inspire in my clients.
  6. Finding an opportunity in the field that is so exciting, fits me perfectly, and is too coincidental to ignore.
  7. Being able to sink my teeth into solid food again (at least I imagine it will be a wonderful feeling). Not being able to have crunchy carrots, or really try out the energy balls I made is really bumming me out. Those darn wisdom teeth.IMG_2211
  8. After years of struggling with body image, finally being able to accept what I look like, feeling confident in my body, and knowing there will always be fluctuations in my weight and what I may look like. My goals are always to be strong, to encourage my body to become powerful and capable while I fuel it with the proper nutrition it needs.
  9. Though it’s not quite related to nutrition/fitness, I’d consider it related to wellness…the ability to zero in on a task and accomplish it, then checking it off on your to-do list (does anybody else make a check list where they can physically check off a task? I do it all the time – I can’t be the only one!)
  10. Discovering a new foodie or RDN or RD2B Instagrammer, blogger, or Twitter account that I just can’t get enough of. Sometimes I get lost in just seeing all the awesome, delicious, inspiring pictures, or posts, or tweets. As much as social media is a vice, it’s something that has allowed me to connect with other individuals in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before.
  11. When the produce section at the supermarket is quiet, like on a Monday morning. I can just take my time and revel in being surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables.wegmans-produce
  12. Finding loads of new recipes to try, and ones that actually look doable!
  13. Becoming more comfortable in the kitchen. While Food Science may not have been my favorite class, I can say it helped me grow more comfortable in, and enjoy being in, the kitchen. Though I still find baking to be my preferred activity, cooking is growing on me more and more.IMG_2180
  14. Getting your incredibly picky brother to try new foods and saying that he doesn’t actually mind them (success!)
  15. Having the information my professors have been teaching us and what I’ve seen in research articles and other sources make sense. It all clicks. This is a path that I know I’m meant to be on, and finding that path illuminated before you is just something I couldn’t even imagine turning away from now.

Whew what a list! This was a lot of fun to do – thanks to Hank Green and EssieButton for the inspiration! You should try it even if you don’t have a blog or YouTube channel. Simply write 15 feelings that make you happy down on a piece of paper or in a journal and hang onto it for a rainy day – and it doesn’t even have to be nutrition related if you don’t want it to be. It’s such a cathartic exercise and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Question of the week: what’s your favorite feeling ever in the world?


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