First Ever Grocery Haul!

What does a nutrition student buy from the grocery store?

Hello everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Things are certainly kicking up a notch as we barrel into the last five weeks of the semester. It’s unbelievable really. After this semester I’ll be half way through my DPD requirements which is crazy!

Anyways, I went grocery shopping over the weekend so I thought I’d share with you guys a little bit about what’s in a typical grocery haul. This is unedited, so yes every stitch of food that I bought is shown (I also need to work on setting up a more attractive photograph, but ya know). I wanted to emphasize that I am not perfect and I do indulge. Typically I live by an 80/20 rule, or 80% of the time I eat healthily and 20% I eat whatever else I want. It’s all about moderation, as I mentioned in last week’s post. Moderation is a key principle to a healthy diet. You can enjoy those treats, just not every day.

Also, I buy on a budget. Being a graduate student is tough on the wallet. Money is typically tight for me, so I really take advantage of coupons and sales, and for produce I try to buy what’s in season (unless I have a craving for something in particular). I shop at a Price Chopper, and they have excellent sales if you get their AdvantEdge card. Not to mention you can get money off gas which is another money saver. I typically go shopping every two weeks unless there’s a sale I’m particularly keen on. This roughly equals about $30 per week for me on groceries. So not too hard on the wallet overall.

Let’s take a look shall we? I attempted to organize it by packaged foods and produce/not-packaged.

I definitely buy for convenience too. I’m all about quick, easy meals 1. because I’m not the best cook and 2. because I don’t meal prep and I’ve been meaning to start. Eventually it’ll happen, but I need to really get on that.

This is the beautiful, colorful side of life haha. I have a couple recipe ideas so i got a few new things in addition to my norm.

You’ll also notice I didn’t get meat. Usually I buy a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken and pull it apart, using it throughout the week on salads, in rice bowls, on its own, etc. This week I couldn’t find any so I just opted for eggs as protein instead of buying chicken breasts since I wasn’t really in the mood. I’ve also got some tilapia in the freezer. In general I have a plant-based diet, but I’m not a vegetarian. I refer to myself as a “flexitarian”. I do consume meat, but only once in awhile if I’ve got it on hand. It doesn’t much matter to me one way or the other because I still feel satisfied when I don’t have it.

So there you have it! My first grocery haul I thought you might want to see. Let me know if these are something you’d like to continue to see, I’d be happy to keep doing them! Especially as the seasons change and as my location changes they might be interesting too.

Have a great week everybody!

Question of the week: what do your grocery hauls look like?


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