An Introduction

Hello internet and welcome to this lovely corner of the blogosphere I call my own!

What is this little corner you may ask? Well, simply put, I am a nutrition graduate student studying to become a registered dietitian with a master’s degree. A year and a half ago I graduated from my alma mater with a bachelor’s of science in biology and a minor in psychology, but it wasn’t until three and a half years through my undergraduate career that I hit the infamous aha! moment and discovered my true passion in life:


A long time ago, before I even selected “biology” as my intended major on college applications, I found myself really intrigued by the nutrition and fitness world. That’s probably thanks to Cassey Ho of blogilates, if I’m honest. I entered into this world in an unhealthy way. After a comment made by a then-very good guy friend (my thighs were really “muscular” – body image and weight will be a whole other post, trust me) I started restricting what I was eating and working out more frequently than I had ever before. The last half of my senior year of high school I had limited myself to eating certain foods, adopting a rigid pattern of what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and on top of that I was a student athlete, but track practice wasn’t enough. I worked out on top of that. At the time it was never diagnosed as an eating disorder, but looking back on it I realized I was displaying those tendencies – had I let it progress who knows where I may have ended up.

Out of these unhealthy tendencies an interest in nutrition and fitness was born. I should probably say a healthy interest in nutrition and fitness. And then, at seventeen, I thought hey, maybe I can be like Cassey Ho and do stuff on YouTube and generally be a super-cool online presence spreading all that nutrition and fitness knowledge (and here I am six years later haha). After looking into a career in nutrition, but clearly not in an in-depth way, I thought a nutritionist didn’t make enough money. We can talk about all of the different career options that are open to a dietitian later, but needless to say that it is truly not what I thought it was when I stumbled across it six years ago.

A couple years later, after three and a half years as a bio major and realizing there wasn’t anything in that career path that interested me, I stumbled back into it. It was almost a spur of the moment thing, deciding to pursue this path even though it would be an additional few years. But, I was absolutely determined to do it.

Now, I’m a graduate student in the nutrition program, doing what I love in a way that’s such a different experience from my undergraduate years. So far I have found the field to be such a unique and diverse environment from anything I’ve ever experienced before. On top of that there are just so many options and so many paths to choose.

Since I’m interested in nutrition communications, and establishing an online presence has been a long time aspiration of mine, I decided to dive into 2015 by starting a blog. If you’d like to see a graduate student’s perspective on nutrition, fitness, education, and other random musings – let’s take this journey together 🙂

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